hello Everyone ^_^
welcome to my page/diary/planner/scrapbook ^_^
I'm Allysa. 22 years of age.I'm a pig...hahaha
I'm a cry baby...
I eat like a construction worker. I love dressing up..or not to dress at all**kidding** . I'm super duper straight forward.I love music. I love to dance,but dance do not like me. I love to love .
But most specially I love GOD ^_^

I am not claiming that these photos are mine, (unless stated and have my name on it.....
so If some these are yours. Don't go psycho on me. Just tell me if it's yours, and I'll give you proper credit. thank you ^_^

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#selfie  tagal ko naring walang picture sa may bahay :) #instapic #igers #mustache

#selfie tagal ko naring walang picture sa may bahay :) #instapic #igers #mustache

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